Friday, March 19, 2010

Eating Pretty

Good eating, I’m sure you will agree, is a lot more than just good taste. It involves all the five senses. In fact, the more the number of senses a dish engages, the higher is the enjoyment level the eater experiences. No rocket science there :-) The crackle, splutter and hiss you hear when ingredients are being cooked; the aroma and fragrance you smell when a dish comes together; the widening of the eyes when you see the final product; the texture of the food you feel as you consume it; and of course finally the taste that you slurp, smack and savour … all of which contribute to the ultimate eating experience!!

I am constantly amazed and quite overawed by the talent exhibited by food bloggers the world over who keep updating their blogs with beautifully illustrated posts. If what is seen is as drool-worthy, then I can only imagine what these delicious looking concoctions must taste like! What is even more remarkable about these bloggers is that they are not necessarily “blogging pros” who make a career out of blogging, but are people with demanding jobs and other responsibilities. Yet, they find the time to update their blogs regularly with highest quality standards – both in their writing as well as their photos. This, to my mind, speaks volumes about their passion, commitment and creativity, not to mention their generosity of spirit when it comes to sharing recipes, tips and techniques. Hats off to all of them.

My baby steps into this world of prettying up food presentation were crocheting this set of placemats. These go to our friend D, as a belated birthday present. Both D and her sister J are amazing cooks. A and I have enjoyed many a lip-smacking meal at their table, which I hope my little offering will grace the next time we are invited over :-)

The yarn I used for these placemats is what is called “Purse Thread” here in Mumbai stores.

Chain 70
Row 1: DC in second chain from hook and all across. Ch 3. Turn.
Row 2: Skip 1 DC, DC in each of next 3 spaces, DC in skipped DC sp. Rep across.
Repeat rows 1&2 till your work reaches desired length. Fasten off.

I finished off the placemats with matching lace edgings that I purchased separately and got my tailor to sew across.

As a final round-up to this post, here is just a small sampling of some of the wonderfully talented bloggers who I would like to raise a toast to. Cheers! More power to you as you continue to inspire fledglings like me.

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Karen Speaks said...

They look Gorgeous... I am sooo proud of you *hugs*